ISBN 978-1-9077118-0-2-9, TITLE
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Published by the Vanity Press and The Multiple Store
Edition: 65
Materials: block print on mirror card
Size: 45 x 64 cms
Price: £450 plus VAT
Stamped and signed


ISBN 978-1-9077118-0-3-6, DEDICATION
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Book 1/1

Each print in this edition, Book 1/1, is the same and yet each is unique. Each one has its own ISBN number and is registered under its own individual title. Each one of the edition is therefore an official publication and each is an edition in, and only of, itself. An edition of one… a book reduced to a reference, purely an imagined space.

Every book published anywhere in the world today carries its own, identifiable ISBN (International Standard Book Number) number. Since 2007 ISBNs have contained 13 digits. Each print in this edition has its own identifiable ISBN number just as every edition of every book published carries its own number.